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Simple Guidance For You In Access Of Subquery Field Value Using Apex - Upwards Traversal.

how to do it in salesforce
If you are doing a SOQL query on contact, you want to pull data from the account then use Upwards traversal.

Simply say Access Parent Object Field From Child Object in SOQL Query

Upwards traversal :

It means traversing from the child to the parent.

Sample Apex Code:

for(Contact tempObjCont: [SELECT Id, Account.Name, Account.status FROM Contact WHERE Name = 'Nitish'])
  System.debug('Account Name => '+tempObjCont.Account.Name);

You can traverse multiple levels upwards !!!

Below is the SOQL where I fetched the Account`s owner`s Profile creator name in Contact object.

SELECT Account.Owner.Profile.CreatedBy.Name FROM Contact

Note: If you are using custom lookup field then use "__r" when traversing that field.

Account.Name, AccountId . is the field representation used in soql only in case of standard relationships, 
for eg. you can use Select from contact or select Account.Name from Opportunity etc. where Account, Contact, Opportunity were standard objects and relationship between them is the Out of box relationship.

In case of  custom relationships, '__r' should be appended in order to access the parent records field information via soql, for eg., let us assume Account__c is api name for the Master Detail field on any Standard or Custom object, in that case:

Select Account__r.Name from Object_API_Name is the syntax that needs to be used to fetch details from Account.

Sample Apex code: 

List<Account> accounts = [SELECT Id, Name, (SELECT Id, XYZ__r.Id, XYZ__r.Name FROM ABC__r) FROM Account];

for (Account acct : accounts) {
    for(ABC__c objABC : acct.ABC__r)
          String testValue = objABC.XYZ__r.Name;

Here, ABC__r is the relationship of object ABC_c with Account. 

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